Window & Screen Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Alarm Screens Company has a wide variety of alarm screen systems designed to keep your home safe. Our alarm screens are often regarded as the best in the industry because of their high sensitivity. Due to this factor it is important to allow a member of our team to conduct regular cleanings to ensure that the alarm is not triggered by accident and that the specialized components of the system are not damaged. Our specially designed window screens recognize threats and set off the alarm long before the burglar has a chance to enter the premises, but to ensure the system is working properly and in good condition they ought to be maintained on a routine basis. Give us a call at (818) 901-9033 to schedule an appointment for window alarm screen cleaning in Los Angeles today.

Alarm Screen Cleaning

We offer extensive alarm screen cleaning for our customers who have had window screens installed in their home or office buildings. We do this because we know our alarm systems are very sensitive and attempting to clean the screens may result in the alarm going off unintentionally or minor damage to the screen. Our hand selected team is highly trained in the installation, removal and cleaning of these screens, ensuring the alarm is not triggered or harmed during cleansing.

Alarm Screen Window Cleaning

To keep the glass in your windows sparkling clear you'll need to remove the alarm screens, and as mentioned they can be very sensitive. To ensure your alarm is not falsely triggered we offer complete cleaning services for windows that are equipped with burglar alarm screens. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or to request a quote for alarm screen window cleaning in Southern California.

Window Alarm Screen Installation

If you're looking for the ultimate solution for home security you can trust the expert window screen technicians at Alarm Screens Co. to provide you with the safety you expect. We have screen solutions for all sizes of windows at your home or office, helping to alleviate the threat of a break-in. No job is too big or too small for our team, and we are dedicated to ensuring you have a positive customer service experience during the whole process, from the initial sale to the final installation.

We are proud to be able to help our friends and neighbors stay safe with our amazing window screen alarms. With multiple screen grill colors and styles we are positive that we will be able to install a great looking and extremely safe screen system for your property, and our alarm screen cleaning services will keep them looking great and working right for years and years. Give Alarm Screens Company a call today at (818) 901-9033 to schedule a cleaning or to learn more about installing burglar alarm screens in Beverly Hills and throughout the Los Angeles Area.

We also offer professional solar panel cleaning and rain gutter cleaning services!