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The Benefits of Screen Doors

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April 24, 2018
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April 24, 2018

Using screens on windows is a given for many people. It is an accessory that comes with many benefits that can help enhance your home. So if they work well for window openings, why can they not be used for doors? Oh, but they can! Screen Doors are a great way to improve many aspects of your home life and help to boost its curb appeal and resale value. If you do not have screens on your doors consider the following as to why you may want to have them installed today!

Improved Air Flow & Circulation

Screens provide excellent protection from dirt and dust, yet still allow for a great breeze if you choose to leave the door open. The fresh air will do the body good, and being able to leave the door open helps reduce kitchen smells that may otherwise stink up the place! Have you cooked any fish lately? Of course the great flow of air is just one benefit of screens that can be made for nearly any style of door.

Reduction of Bugs

Southern California is prone to many types of bugs, including mosquitos. A screen door adds an extra layer of protection between you and the bugs, especially when you want to keep the door open for the improved air flow. Screens have very small openings, making it nearly impossible for any type of critter, flying or not, to get inside your home!

Great Design Element

You may not think so without seeing one on your own home, but screen doors can add beauty to a home. They are available in different finishes for their frame as well as the density of the actual screen. Depending on the look you choose you completely restyle the entry ways into your home.

Increased Lighting

If you have a screen installed you’ll be able to leave the door open without worrying about dirt and bugs, which allows for natural lighting. This can actually help reduce your electric bill by keeping the lights off!

Installing screen doors is a great home improvement project that carries many benefits. At Alarm Screens Company we sell and install screen doors in Los Angeles and the surrounding area for sliding and swinging doors! We are able to incorporate home security features into the screens as well, giving your house an extra level of protection from criminals. To learn more about screens for doors Call Alarm Screens Company at (818) 901-9033 and speak to a security screen alarm expert today!