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The Benefits of Installing Window Alarm Screens in Santa Monica, CA

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The Benefits of Installing Window Alarm Screens in Santa Monica, CA

Window screens are too often an afterthought product, and not a device that is shopped for thoroughly. It is important to understand that not all window screens are the same. In fact, some screens offer much greater benefits than others, such as alarm screens vs non-alarm screens. In Santa Monica, California you may also be interested in a tinted window screen, which can help reduce the temperature in your home. Let’s look at a few more of the awesome benefits of installing alarm window screens in Santa Monica.

Protect your home from natural debris

The beauty of window alarm screens is that you get all the benefits of regular window screens, with added protection. This means that these screens will still do their job in preventing outside contaminants from getting in your home. This includes insects such as bees, flies and months, as well as dirt, leaves and other debris. You’ll be free to leave your windows open without having to worry about a dirty home.

Let the wind blow

A nice breeze is always refreshing on a warm day. Since the screens will do their job preventing all the yucky outdoor stuff from getting in if you leave the window open, you can let the fresh air in!

Reduce home temperature

As mentioned, alarm screens are available with a tint to them. Not only is this an attractive feature, especially for a Santa Monica area home, but it will reduce the temperature inside your house at no extra cost to your HVAC bill.

Keeps burglars out!

The best part about an alarm screen is that it will in fact trigger a burglar alarm if it is tampered with. This means an unlocked window is no longer an invitation to thieves. You can rest easy knowing every window is protected! These screens will also help prevent rebellion children from sneaking out.

Alarm screens are a smart choice for any home, regardless of how exclusive the neighborhood is or isn’t. If you’re interested in installing window alarm screens in Santa Monica, CA contact Alarm Screens Company. We manufacture and install window alarm screens to fit all sizes of windows. To learn more or to request an estimate for window screens in Santa Monica give us a call at (818) 901-9033 today.