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Should I Install Screen Doors?

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April 24, 2018
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April 24, 2018

Many people use window screens, but have you considered the great benefits of using them on your doors? Door screens offer a variety of advantages that can help improve several aspects of your home. To learn more about door screens be sure to talk to your local screen door dealer, but in the meantime check out these benefits of screen doors.

Block Bugs

A screen door adds another layer of protection against bugs that may try and make their way into your home, especially if you like keeping the door open for extended periods of time. Screens have tiny openings, making it relatively impossible for any type of insect to pass through.

Improved Air Flow

Screens on doors provide protection from dirt and dust while allowing you to keep the door open to catch a breeze. You will find that having a door open and a window open will create nice airflow through the home, which can potentially reduce allergens inside the house.

Increased Lighting

Opening a door to the sun allows for natural lighting. Unfortunately, without screens, you home is subject to dirt, dust and bugs. You can even get locking door screens, to add to your home’s protection.

Great Design Element

Because screen doors are available in so many styles and finishes they can actually add a great deal of beauty to a home. Be sure to contact your local screen door dealer to learn more about the selection of screen doors for sale.

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