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How to make it easy for burglars

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April 24, 2018
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April 24, 2018

How to make it easy for burglars

Would you really like it if your home got robbed? Well thankfully we’ve put together a simple tip list to ensure that happens! By following these guidelines you can rest easy knowing that your home is an easy target for burglars and robbers… Wait a minute, nobody wants that to happen to them! In order to keep your house protected it is important NOT to do any of the following for your home or else your family will be at risk of a break-in!

Don’t get a home security system

By not getting your home protected by a security system you nor the police have no means of monitoring action at your residence at night or while you’re away. A home security system is exactly what you need in order to keep out thieves. They are available in many different forms and at a variety of price points. Talk with your local home security experts to find out which one is right for your house.

Leave doors and windows unlocked

Even if you have a home security system it isn’t going to do much good if you make it incredibly easy for people to enter your house. Invite burglars in by keeping doors and windows unlocked, that way they will know you would really love it if they stole all of your possessions that you worked oh, so hard for!

Leave windows open at night and while away

Instead of just leaving windows unlocked you could do yourself and the burglars one better by leaving them wide open. That way they will have a clear access point, making it easy to get in and out of your house with all your valuables!

Don’t get alarm screens

Want to step it up another notch? Be sure to never install window alarm screens on your home. These screens are a great way to protect your house, but that’s not what you want right? Of course it is! Window alarm screens are a perfect addition to any home security system as they provide an additional wired barrier from the bad guys!

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