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How to Find a Great Window Alarm Screen Company

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How to Find a Great Window Alarm Screen Company

Window alarm screens are a great asset when it comes to enhancing the security of your home. However, not all screens are the same, nor are the companies who install them. If you want a beautiful and functional alarm screen installation completed then it will be necessary to find a reputable company to do so. There are a few things that you should check for if you’re interested in this product. Here is a short list of topics to cover with an alarm screen company that you may recruit.

Window Screen Fitting & Installation

Obviously you will want them to be able to fit and install the alarm screens. While this seems like a given some businesses will only sell the screens and leave the installation up to the homeowner. Don’t get yourself mixed up in installing this product. Many screens are ultra sensitive and require a professional touch for installation.

Anti-Corrosion Offerings

The alarm screen company should be able to give you options regarding your screen, including anti-corrosion. In order to get the longest life out of your screen you will want this type of product. Ask your alarm screen company if they can offer this.

Screen Door Alarms

Windows aren’t the only place that burglars are going to try and enter your home. Alarms for swinging screen doors or sliding screen doors should be offered as well, as these will help provide you with the most advanced warning of a potential threat.

Screen Repair Offer

If the screen is to become damage the company you purchased the screens from should be able to repair them. This includes the mesh of the screen as well as the actual alarm system components.

Screen & Window Cleaning

The company should also offer cleaning services, as alarm screens can be very sensitive and you may need a professional’s help to remove them.

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