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Great Benefits of Window Screen Alarms

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March 27, 2018
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April 24, 2018

When it comes to protecting your home there are some wonderful tools. Commonly, the use of a home burglar alarm will be put into play, which can monitor doors, glass and other entryways into a home. However, many of these alarm systems neglect to cover a very important aspect of the home, which is an unlocked or open window. Many people like to leave windows open for additional air, light or a breeze, but this can pose a threat to the home, as it provides an easy access point for burglars. The use of window alarm screens is a great way to counter this issue! Window screens with alarm properties allow homeowners to leave windows open without having to worry about someone sneaking in undetected!

Window alarm screens offer great protection

Whether for the home or office, window alarm screens are a great addition to any home security system. It is another tool that prevents the intrusion of your property by ruthless burglars and robbers.

  • Family – A window alarm screen is going to be another barrier between you and your family and the intruder. As soon as they tamper with the screen an alarm will be trigger, which generally scares the burglar away.
  • Property – Keep your valuables protected with the use of a window alarm screen. Not only are screens hard to get off, they’re highly sensitive to tampering, ensuring the alarm is triggered before the burglar ever enters the home.
  • Business – Window screens at a business are great because they will add another layer of protection to a facility that may not be occupied day and night.

Additional benefits

Not only to window screens offer protection of the people you care about and the property you own, but they still act as regular window screens, which are great for any home. With a window screen you can leave a window open to create a nice breeze and let in fresh air without having to worry about bugs, animals, dirt and other debris from entering the home.

No longer is an open window an invitation to burglars, thanks to window alarm screens. If you are interested in installing window alarm screens in LA or the neighboring Southern California communities be sure to contact Alarm Screens Co. We have the right products at the right price for your home or office. To learn more or to request a free estimate for window alarm screens in Los Angeles give our friendly team a call at (818) 901-9033.