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FAQ: Alarm Window Screens

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April 24, 2018
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You may have heard of them, window alarm screens, or alarm window screens, depending on who you’re talking to, but you may not understand them. If you’re curious about window alarm screens be sure to read through these frequently asked questions and then reach out to your local window alarm screen installer to learn more or to request a quote for sales and installation in your neighborhood.

What is an alarm window screen?

An alarm screen is a basic window screen that also contains trip wires that will set off an alarm if they are tampered with. They should be professionally installed and cared for so that they are not damaged.

What windows do alarm window screens fit?

A window alarm screen installer will be able to create a screen that fits any window that can be opened. It is a good idea to have them installed on any easily accessible window to provide your home with the best possible protection.

Do alarm window screens work with full home alarm systems?

Yes. If you have a home alarm system that does not provide window tampering protection then window alarm screens will act as a great addition to your existing home security system, no matter the brand.

Why should I get alarm screens?

Many home security systems will only be triggered once a window is opened or broken. A screen is the first defense of the windows and will prevent a burglar from even opening or breaking a window. This first line of defense could be the difference between the few minutes a burglar needs to ransack a home and not getting inside at all.

Where can I get alarm window screens in LA?

If you’re looking for alarm screen in Los Angeles you will want to talk to the team at Alarm Screens Co. We can install alarm screens on any window to provide you with the ultimate protection against home invasions. To learn more about installing window alarm screens in LA give our crew a call at (818) 901-9033 today.