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Easy Tips for a Safer Home

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April 24, 2018
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In today’s day and age it is necessary to take extra steps to protect ourselves, our families and our belongings. While some neighborhoods may be more prone to break-ins than others, just about any home could be a target. Follow these steps to help prevent burglars from picking your home, and if they do, making sure they don’t get the good stuff.

Make your home unappealing

There are ways to prevent your home from appearing like an easy target. Be sure not to give any clues to what is inside your home, such as leaving boxes for new tvs, computers or game systems on the curb until just before trash pickup. You should also be sure to get your paper and mail every day, if it is delivered to a spot where it could stack up, giving the impression you’re gone. Always be sure to close your blinds or window curtains so no one can scope your home while you’re gone. Finally, always light up your house on the outside using motion sensor lights.

Hide your valuables

If thieves do get inside it is integral that they don’t get away with the most important items. Consider a safe, or better yet, a safe in a secret hiding spot, such as a fake wall outlet or book. Hiding your most important documents, jewelry and other heirlooms will likely ensure they are grabbed, as robbers like to get in and out as fast as possible in most circumstances.

Consider an alarm system

For the best protection you should consider an alarm system that covers your home and immediately alerts police to any suspicious activity.

Don’t forget window alarm screens

If you do get an alarm system you will want to make sure that it includes window alarm screens. These screens prevent burglars from entering through windows, as tampering with the window screens will set off the alarm.

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