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5 Major Benefits of Window Alarm Screens

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April 24, 2018
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December 14, 2018

Understandably you want to do everything possible to protect your family at home. Traditional alarm systems are a great first step, but they don’t always provide the full protection you may believe you’re getting. By installing security window screens you’re not only receiving additional protection from burglars and other unwanted guests, you’re helping to create a healthier environment within your home. Check out these great benefits of window alarm screens!

Fresh Air Ventilation

Installing screens allows you to keep the windows open during the day or night to provide your home with natural ventilation. The incoming fresh air will provide a healthy and relaxing environment for you and your family. Just imagine the gentle breeze passing through the home as you sit down to dinner. Feels good, right?

Insect Protection

If you enjoy keeping the windows open for the fresh air factor then it will be a good idea to have screens installed to keep the bugs out. Bugs are naturally attracted to food and other items that are regularly stored inside homes. Screens will keep the air flowing while denying entry to unsightly critters.

Outside Contaminants

Screens are a great way to keep leaves, dirt, dust, pollen and other debris that may be carried by the wind out of your house when you want to leave the windows open. Screens help increase the air quality in your home and decreases cleaning efforts!

Heat Reduction

Some screening materials are designed to block the suns rays, helping to keep the air inside your home much cooler which in turn reduces your AC bill! Solar reduction screening is a great option for glass doors and windows that get lots of sunlight.

Added Security

Obviously, one of the best benefits of burglar alarm screens is that they provide your residence or office with an added layer of security. If the screen is tampered with the alarm will be triggered and the proper authorities can be quickly informed of the possible intrusion!

Window screens are a great way to provide your home with fresh air and added security, from bugs and people! If you’re interested in alarm screen installation in Southern California get in touch with the professionals at Alarms Screens Company in Los Angeles. We service the extended Los Angeles area, providing screen installation and repair, window cleaning and more! Call us today at (818) 901-9033 to request a free estimate for window screen installation in Southern California.