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5 Great Reasons to Install Window Screens

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One of the less-thought about home improvement ideas is window screens. While many new homes have them pre-installed, if you live in an older house it would be wise to consider purchasing them. They offer several excellent benefits, compared to windows without screens. Read through these window screen advantages and then be sure to contact your local window screen company to request a quote!

Enjoy a fresh breeze

When you want a fresh breeze by opening the windows you run the risk of inviting all sorts of critters and contaminants into your home. Unless, of course, you have installed window screens which will still allow the air to circulate while catching all the rest of the unwanted items, leaving them outside.

Keep out bugs

Leaving windows open is a surefire way to let ants, bees, moths, flies and all sorts of other insects into your home. A window screen will keep these buggers out anytime you need to open a window for fresh air or to increase natural lighting.

Ensures less outside dirt, dust and pollen

Open windows will almost always result in an increase in dirt, dust, pollen and other debris in the air inside your home. By installing window screens you�re sure to reduce the dirt and the allergens in your home.

Safety measure

Window screens are a safety device in more than one way. For one, they can help stop people from falling out of windows and should you choose to install alarm window screens you can help to ensure burglars are scared off.

Increased Property Value

As with most home improvements window screens will help boost your home�s property value when it comes time to sell.

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